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Durand-Ruel wall Decor Digital Merchandising solutions

We help you show what you sell

Our cutting-edge digital merchandising solutions help you maximize wall decor sales.  We’ve built the most powerful wall decor merchandising platform in the industry and it gets better everyday.  We’ve been at this longer than anyone else in the market and it shows.  Whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler, contract, or to-the-trade seller, make it easier for your buyers do business with you by providing then with full-featured digital catalog access to the products you sell.


Soulevé textured fine art prints

Original style tactile 3D fine art reproductions

We’re paving the way for the production of high-value of textured, fine art reproduction to make it accessible to artists, collectors, printers and everyday consumers. Our 3D texture design platform and specialty print lab partners can turn any standard image into a 3D fine art masterpiece.



Hand-painted video art brings walls to life

Employing a team of talented digital artists aided by artificial intelligence in the form of convolutional neural networks, we can transform any video into a hand-painted, museum-quality art video print taking your interior design to the next level. These framed, ready-to-mount displays of living art bring a new level of energy and mystique to any environment.



An end-to-end software solution for textured printing

The Soulevé Print Editor eliminates the need for high-end 3D scans in the production of textured printing. Built on a library of cutting edge image analysis technology encapsulated into a set of powerful, yet easy-to-use editing tools, the Soulevé Print Editor takes standard 2D images and outputs all the files necessary to produce fully textured prints.   



New opportunities for videographers in the fine art market

Helping artist’s maximize the value of their work and reach new markets is in the core of our DNA.  Our latest technology breakthrough leverages the skills of a talented team of digital artists and a set of powerful AI technologies to transform any video clip into a work of moving fine art; helping videographers tap into a entirely new, high-value market for their work.



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Jenny Fair
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Frames, Frames, Frames

  Frames, Frames, Frames   For September we have released our new framing visualization tools.  Our frame visualizer now comes pre-loaded with almost 9000 frames from Larson-Juhl, Decor, Fotiou, International, Nielson, Nurre Caxton, AMCI, Omega, Roma and Universal Arquati.  We can quickly enable any of

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Latest in 3D Textured Fine Art Printing

    Latest in 3D Textured Fine Art Printing   We recently made the decision to move to floating point math for our image analysis methodology in order to obtain more granular data from subject images and more granular control over the texture editing capabilities

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