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Experience the difference of a purpose-built artist ecommerce shop

The Durand-Ruel ecommerce solution for wall art is packed with features and functionality that have been purpose built for merchandising and selling fine art for over a decade.  On the front end you’ll get state of the art visualization features that art buyers will love and powerful differentiators like project management tools and mockup generators that interior designers and commercial buyers will thank you for. On the back end you’ll get enterprise level features like CRM and built-in watermarking and integrated keyword tagging that help you grow and expand your successful online business. All for less than $100 per month!

Advanced features and functionality built specifically for fine art merchandising

A wealth of back office features make doing business easy-peasy

Shopping tools buyers and designers will love

Powerful back office tools make you the master of your domain

  • At-a-glance reporting of key performance indicators
  • CRM tools that make it easy to connect with your audience
  • Transaction reporting tools make tax, shipping, and other back office administration tasks simple and straight-forward

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Frequently asked questions

Website solutions encompass several different components including setup tasks such as website design, implementation of the design, domain provisioning, product setup and business rules configuration and operations tasks such as support, maintenance and hosting.

Our DIY plans start at $299 for setup and $99 month or $999 annually for support, maintenance and hosting. 

Our fully managed solutions which include product setup and business rules configuration start at $1299 for setup and $199 per month or $1999 annually.

We’ll work with you to find the best plan to meet your needs.  

That depends. If you have a site design and all of your product and business processing data ready to go and we manage the implementation then the normal time from start to launch is about 30 days.  

No, absolutely not. But that’s not to say its easy.  Our platform is built on WordPress and the Elementor design editor.  There plenty of beautiful website templates available that can simplify the website design task and still deliver a highly polished, professional looking website.

Custom designs and implementation can be more complicated and will often require the services of a professional.

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