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Frames, Frames, Frames


For September we have released our new framing visualization tools.  Our frame visualizer now comes pre-loaded with almost 9000 frames from Larson-Juhl, Decor, Fotiou, International, Nielson, Nurre Caxton, AMCI, Omega, Roma and Universal Arquati.  We can quickly enable any of these frames for you and even better, we can easily add new frames upon request.

To enable a frame simply let us know the frame manufacturer and ID number.  If you prefer to do it yourself you can easily add and change the enabled frames in your product options settings.  To add a new frame just send us a clean, high quality image of a straight segment of the frame, the name of the frame, the face width of the frame, the frame manufacturer and manufacturer ID and the per inch selling price.

Occasionally well find that a frame has sort of variation in appearance – particularly in rustic style frames – which show up as repeats when we assemble the frame effects visualization.  We can usually remove the repeat effect with a little Photoshop work so if you find a frame that doesn’t display properly when assembled into a complete frame just let us know and we’ll work on it manually to try to overcome the repeated character in the segment image.

We’ve also recently add the triple matting feature as part of our default setup.  We can easily change your store’s settings to use just a single mat option, a double or the triple mat option.

We still only support hex color mat effects but look for another enhancement coming soon that will provide support for specialty mats such as linen.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]