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Latest in 3D Textured Fine Art Printing



Latest in 3D Textured Fine Art Printing


We recently made the decision to move to floating point math for our image analysis methodology in order to obtain more granular data from subject images and more granular control over the texture editing capabilities in our 3D image processor.  In order to accomplish that objective we had to move the app to Python, a platform that is often used for scientific computing because of its ability to handle higher level mathematical functions.

We are also very excited to announce that we have been designated as the official textured print provider by one of the largest fine art publishers in North America.  We are working on integrating our 3D viewer with their image catalog to facilitate the sale of their textured artwork.  Once that work is complete you can expect to see a joint public announcement of the public availability of their art imagery in textured Soulevé print form.

We’ve also gotten our preliminary patent application filed and our Soulevé trademark was recently approved so followers can expect to see more publicly available info on this emerging new art product over the coming months.