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Textured art prints

Supercharge your sales with textured art prints

Let tech innovation boost your art sales. Virtually indistinguishable from the original, the Soulevé textured art print is a high-impact replica of an original painting. The 3D texture is created from multiple layers of UV cured acrylic ink, printed from our patent pending method of generating layer files to precisely replicate the textural characteristics of the approved print.

Listen to how successful artists like Erin Hanson have dramatically multiplied sales by incorporating 3D textured prints into her art sales strategy.

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Standard Giclée Print

Typical selling price

Soulevé Textured Print

Typical selling price

Museum-quality replica

Layers of UV cured acrylic ink recreate every single detail, resulting in a detailed piece that is up to 1/4th of an inch in thickness.

The widest color gamut available

We’re proud to have double the number of base color inks available at discount giclée print shops

Extremely durable

Available on Dibond or stretched canvas, all of our textured art prints are produced according to the rigorous standards of the Fine Art Trade Guild’s ArtSureTM accreditation standards.

How to order your Soulevé textured art print


Select your image of choice and get ready to transform it into a museum-quality textured art print, virtually indistinguishable from the original.


Use our intuitive, drag-and-drop 3D Texture Editor to select how you want the textural layers to be laid out, and pick between our mounting and framing options.


The video is deployed on an innovative display, with optional bespoke framing and built-in speakers

Frequently asked questions

Soulevé textured art prints recreate the essential elements of physical texture that bring art to life. The textured art reproductions are created by artistically laying down multiple layers of layers of UV cured acrylic ink to mimic the hand-painted character of the artists’ brushstrokes.
From the time we receive your Soulevé textured art print order, our processing time is 5 to 10 business days before your print leaves our facility. If you request the print to be shipped out at a certain date which falls before 12 business days, a rush fee may be applied to the job. Shipping anywhere along the East Coast will take approximately 2 business days. Shipping to the West Coast will take approximately 5 business days. Shipping to a central state can range anywhere between 2 to 5 business days. You can also request to expedite shipping with an overnight option or a 2-day option at a higher shipping rate. Learn more
The finished Soulevé textured art print is a ready-to-hang canvas print that is packaged carefully to ensure safe travels. The prints are packed inside clear poly bags, with bubble wrap corners, and placed cozy between soft padding inside sturdy custom-cut cardboard boxes. Learn more

Scale your art sales without ever needing to compromise on quality.