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Video into Painting

Transform any video into a moving painting

Our talented team of digital artists transform any regular video clips into dynamic works of art ready to impress. Tap into an entirely new high-value market for short clip videography.
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“We took this video of my sister at her bridal shower and she had this Gustav Klimt style motion art painting created for her husband for their first anniversary.  It hangs proudly on his office wall where he uses the remote to choose different stills from the clip from time to time.  When visitors come by he loves running the clip and letting them ‘watch the magic!'”

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A wide selection of styles

Art Deco

Art Nouveau




Conceptual art



Affordable with a seriously fast turnaround

2 keyframes


3 keyframes


Additional keyframe(s)

$69 each

Email delivery within 1-3 business days

*Prices exclude sales tax which is determined by customer location

How we transform your video into a motion painting

Step 1

Select a style

Select a style from one of our samples or submit a style reference of your own. We can work with virtually any concept you can dream of and we'll send you a proof before completing your transformation.

Step 2

Submit your clip

We'll analyze your video and let you know how many keyframes need to be created to produce your finished artwork. Accept and finalized your order and we'll get to work.

Step 3

Watch the magic

We'll send you a proof of one digitally painted keyframe for your approval. Once approved we'll complete the processing of your video and send you the link to retrieve your finished clip.

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Frequently asked questions

Our team of talented digital artists use AI-guided synthesis to stylize your video clip into a seemingly hand-painted work of art.
Our team can transform virtually any video into a moving painting. But, not all videos turn out the same and proper exposure, lighting, and photography settings are recommended, as well as a green screen where possible. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like to double-check the quality of your video before committing to a Vivant plan.
Unless you have internet upload restrictions, we do not suggest compressing the video before uploading. The higher quality the video is, the more our team has to work with. Likewise, and unless you specifically indicate otherwise, we’ll send back the video at the equivalent quality/file size.

Your next masterpiece awaits.